Please Note: We will be closed for the Christmas Holidays starting

December 22nd / 2021 and returning regular business hours

on Monday January 03 / 2022 at 11:00AM -7:00PM


Your one stop shop for “All “ your guitar related needs.





We have many new guitars in now and more on the way. We are stocking the higher end of the Godin Acoustic line, Electric guitars as many other brand names. Godin Guitars are made in Canada and they are the parent company for Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick and more! Godin guitars are used by professional touring musicians world wide because of their sound, tuning stability, and yes, they are gorgeous guitars. 



To all our clients, we are open for face to face guitar lessons, repairs and modifications, sales on new and used brand name equipment. Distancing is practiced for all guitar instruction.

Guitar Garage Studio Lessons

Where the Joe’s & Pro’s learn too play: 

  • Unique “Multi-Sensory” program tailored to each individual
  • 7 state of the art programs to assist in developing your skills as a guitarist
  • Students progress is professionally audio recorded once a month.
  • We breakdown all the music you want to learn “as the artist plays it”
  •  Students have access to over half a million plus song/track/tab library 
  •  For convenience, students may use our top of the line guitars for lessons at no cost. All students must have a playable guitar at home.
  • Contracts? they do not exist here, nor do we charge for cancellations.
  • Our instructors have professional studio and touring experience to add to their resume. 
  • Free Pop and Coffee provided in our comfortable Coffee Lounge
  • Air conditioned and heated Shop and Studio
  • “NEW” Songwriting Classes starting February 2019
  • NEW” Performance Enhancement Classes starting February 2019
  •   Please call for further information regarding classes


  • Certified Guitar Instructors with 30+ years of musical experience
  • Certified Guitar Technicians, full line of repairs and modifications
  • Luthiers
  • Studio Recording & engineering pro’s with onsite recording for students 
  • Songwriting credits and years of experience
  • Our goal is to give back what we have learned and enjoyed for years. Musicians, helping other musicians is what we believe


  • Everything from broken necks to custom modifications
  • We are happy to work with you at no charge to develop “your sound”
  • Most repairs are in and out in 1-2 days
  • We stock a full line of parts including pickups, potentiameters, caps, switches, and more. If it is not in stock, it will be in a week.


In Stock April 2021.

Fender- Stratocasters and Telecasters:

Gibson- Les Paul’s, SG’s, flying V’s, Explorers, Byrdlands

Other great brands in stock are Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Martin, Hagstrom, Dean, Gretsch, Harmony, Greco, Parker, Marshall, Laney, Genz-Benz and a full line of Blade f Stratocasters.

Pedals – Boss,  Ibanez, TC electronics and Danelectro

We carry most brand name accessories ( strings, tuners, etc)

If we don’t have it in stock, we can almost always get it for you. See ya at the Garage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

More Product lines:


  • Planet Waves complete line of all products
  • Floyd Rose licensed ( the original) Danelectro guitars ( the entire line)

  • Ernie Ball – strings, pedals and complete accessory line.

  • All parts- the complete line of electronics and parts

  • K. Yari Guitars

  • Most major brand name Electric and Acoustic guitars and pickups.

  • Fender, Ibanez & other Iconic bodies and genuine parts USA made.

  • Mackie, Yamaha, KRK PA systems, complete maintenance accessories.

  • Godin Guitars and accessories 
  • Yorkville Canada

 Hours – Nov – March 2022

Monday – Thursday-     11:00PM –  7:00PM

Friday –                         11:00AM –  5:00PM

Saturday –                     11:00AM – 3:00PM

Sunday –                        Closed