Please Note: we are closed for the Christmas holidays from Dec 23 – Jan 05. We are open Mon, Jan 06/2019 regular business hours.

Guitar Garage Studio Lesson spots as of Dec 23/2019 -3 spots are available.

Guitar Garage Studio Lessons

Where the Joe’s & Pro’s learn too play: 

  • Unique “Multi-Sensory” program tailored to each individual
  • 7 state of the art programs to assist in developing your skills as a guitarist
  • Students progress is professionally audio recorded once a month.
  • We breakdown all the music you want to learn “as the artist plays it”
  •  Students have access to over half a million plus song/track/tab library 
  •  For convenience, students may use our top of the line guitars for lessons at no cost. All students must have a playable guitar at home.
  • Contracts? they do not exist here, nor do we charge for cancellations.
  • Our instructors have professional studio and touring experience to add to their resume. 
  • Free Pop and Coffee provided in our comfortable Coffee Lounge
  • Air conditioned and heated Shop and Studio
  • “NEW” Songwriting Classes starting February 2019
  • NEW” Performance Enhancement Classes starting February 2019
  •   Please call for further information regarding classes


  • Certified Guitar Instructors with 30+ years of musical experience
  • Certified Guitar Technicians, full line of repairs and modifications
  • Luthiers
  • Studio Recording & engineering pro’s with onsite recording for students 
  • Songwriting credits and years of experience
  • Our goal is to give back what we have learned and enjoyed for years. Musicians, helping other musicians is what we believe


  • Everything from broken necks to custom modifications
  • We are happy to work with you at no charge to develop “your sound”
  • Most repairs are in and out in 1-2 days
  • We stock a full line of parts including pickups, potentiameters, caps, switches, and more. If it is not in stock, it will be in a week.


In Stock February 2019

Fender- Stratocasters and Telecasters:

Gibson- Les Paul’s, SG’s, flying V’s, Explorers, Byrdlands

Other great brands in stock are Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Martin, Hagstrom, Dean, Gretsch, Harmony, Greco, Parker, Marshall, Laney, Genz-Benz and a full line of Blade f Stratocasters.

Pedals – Boss,  Ibanez, TC electronics and Danelectro

We carry most brand name accessories ( strings, tuners, etc)

If we don’t have it in stock, we can almost always get it for you. See ya at the Garage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

More Product lines:

  • Floyd Rose licensed ( the original)

  • D’Addario and Planet Waves

  • Danelectro guitars( the entire line)

  • Reilander pickups/Lace sensor pickups,

  • All parts- the complete line of electronics and parts

  • K. Yari Guitars

  • Beaver Creek Guitars and Ukes.

  •  Fender, Ibanez & other Iconic bodies and genuine parts USA made.

  • Drums kits, amplifiers, PA systems, complete maintenance accessories.

Winter Hours for 2019- Oct – December


Monday –                      12:00PM –  8:00PM

Tuesday – Thursday     10:00AM –  8:00PM

Friday –                         10:00AM –  5:00PM

Saturday –                     10:00AM – 3:00PM

Sunday –                        Closed