Repairs/Guitar and String Instruments

Guitar Complete Repairs:

Note: There is a detailed 18 page PDF with our entire catalogue of pricing on request. 


  • Setups to complete rebuilds for all string instruments
  • Professional Certified Luthiers 
  • Every kind of minor to major repairs, upgrades, modifications as well as restoration
  • Fire, smoke or water damage
  • Authorize written Appraisal for your Rare or Vintage guitar – $70 charge 

Below you will find pricing of some of our most common repairs. Larger repairs such as re-frets, neck breaks, and custom modifications will be by quoted individually and we will not give prices over the phone without seeing a guitar.

Something to note! We have never gone over a quoted price given to our customer unless the customer has asked for something extra after the repair was underway. All repairs are photographed before, during and after.

Note: All guitars are cleaned, detailed and wax polished before they leave the shop, all frets and fret boards are cleaned and hydrated, all tuners, nuts, frets, input jacks, and saddles are checked as part of our normal setup as well as string and pickup height. ” THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE, IT IS WHAT WE DO TO OUR OWN GUITARS, WE  DO THE SAME FOR OUR CUSTOMERS.

Guitar Setup- conditions apply until we see your guitar on our bench.    
Basic acoustic setup, we supply strings, truss rod, intonation, remove and replace strings, shave saddle or nut if necessary   $55.00-$85.00 
Basic electric guitar setup (as above) with guitar garage supplying the strings, intonate your guitar, set your pickup and string height, check you tuners and polish your guitar   $75.00-$90.00
Guitar Garage special setup: “everything” is gone over from head-stock to input jacks. An entire check of your electronics, nut, saddle, new strings supplied by us, all wiring and every screw is checked, we will also give you an evaluation and a printout, pictures of the condition of your guitar, pictures will be included.   $135.00
Complete setup for Ibanez style guitar with Floyd-Rose or Floyd-Rose style, you  supply the strings. To change the gauge,    $90.00
Standard setup for Ibanez style guitar with Floyd-Rose or Floyd-Rose style, we supply the strings   $95.00
Acoustic guitar setup, you supply strings   $60.00
Guitar detailed written appraisal   $75.00
Bass guitar setup’s are all with customer supplying the strings (Add $35.00 for us to supply)   $55.00
Ukulele’s including Baritone full size Ukulele’s, you supply the strings.   $25.00
Ukulele’s including Baritone full size Ukulele’s, we supply the strings   $35.00
Guitar Electrical    
Single pick-up installation and removal and check all electronics   $60.00
Dual pick-up installation and removal/ with complete custom setup $150.   $110-$160
Triple pick-up installation and removal Fender style Stratocaster or Ibanez/Godin   $150.00
250k or 500k single pot installation   $35.00
Sprague orange drop capacitor .22/ all capacitor supply and install   $35.00
Completely rewire Gibson Les Paul style with new 500k CTS/Bourne USA made pots with orange drop caps, cloth wiring connecting to 2 humbucker pickups and input jack. 3 way switch is not included. The special price on this is   $185.00
Completely rewire either Telecaster or Stratocaster style guitar. Includes pots, orange drop caps, and wiring to pickups, input jack, and 5, 4, or 3 way switch. Does not include switch.   $129.00 up.
New switch install, wiring and install, add to the total price.   $49.00
Guitar Mechanical    
Install new customer supplied Fender style tuners and re-string with our strings. Take off $10.00 if customer supplies the strings.   $50.00
Custom work will be quoted after we see the guitar    

All guitar acoustic cracks or electric neck cracks will be assessed and you will be given a quote before we start the repair.

Most of the work listed here will be in and out the NEXT BUSINESS DAY, please call (604)625-4222 or email us and our technician will be available to discuss your issue with you and determine the correct course of action. We will NEVER try to sell you something you do not NEED. We will tell you if your frets are worn and how much life you have left, we will not tell you that you must have new frets today, we do not work that way!

If you have a serious issue that will not wait, tell us right away, if we have to put off other work, you will be charged for the rush work.

NOTE: All the above jobs include professional polish, buff,  oil fret boards, except maple necks. Truss rod adjustment for Guitar Garage setups, check input jacks, check tuners, look for cracks etc.

All custom modification projects or fret work will be priced out after the guitar has been assessed. Usually prices on fret jobs will run $150 – $250, sometimes lower but that is a fairly safe range. Our hourly rate is $75 per hour and this is only for jobs that can’t be done with an exact quote, you will not pay for time your guitar neck is clamped, only the time it took to repair it, hourly work is very rare. For example, if we have to troubleshoot an issue and it takes us 45 minutes to find the issue, You would be charged $75 to go over the guitar to find the problem.  If it is easier to find, we will not charge you anything.

As stated this is a basic price list and prices may vary. If you bring in two or three guitars, you will get a break on your prices.  All our work is  guaranteed as stated.

We also stock all standard repair parts and if not in stock, we can get them in a week at the latest. Again, most are stocked here.

With every job, a written quote is given and we will never exceed the price for the work quoted.

If you are a professional musician and need your guitar for work while we are working on yours, we will loan you a comparable one until yours is ready.