Guitar Lessons

  • Presently accepting “New Students”
  • For Adults and Home-Schooled students more flexibility in hours before 3:00 pm Monday to Thursday
  • We encourage you to contact us directly for information
  • We will send you out a detailed comparison sheet with 2 other major schools
  • Includes all pricing and info 


Why come to us?

  • We are Certified Professional Instructors, Songwriters, Guitar technicians and Recording Artists – we understand and can show you how to navigate your way into being the best guitarist you can be.
  • We have and use the best programs to get you learning quickly and correctly
  • Private 1 hour  one – on – one lessons -we do not teach 30 minute lessons as we strongly believe by the time you get your guitar tuned,  and warmed up, it is almost time to leave. 
  • We offer “proven” Chord and Tab programs along with real music that assist in moving you ahead in your guitar journey. The rest is up to us and you.
  • We have 32″ screens for students
  • Professional recording studio gear -You are recorded every month allowing you/us to monitor your progress
  • PDF’s and MP3’s of lessons are emailed to you weekly
  • Home work is expected and music emailed to you in both PDF and MP3 format 
  •  We truly care about our students and do our best to put everything into each and every lesson. 


You leave our Studio learning the skills to play guitar confidently and skillfully depending on your own level of commitment. We will show you every possible way to get the most out of your playing regardless of your level. Beginner to Pro, we can, and we will help. 



  • We are now offering 2 hour sessions where available, for those students who live and breathe music.
  • We are now offering a Performance Enhancement workshop for those of you who are looking at a career in performing. 
  • As Professionally Recording Artists we now offer lessons in Creative Song Writing.  
  • If someone is looking at buying an inexpensive or expensive guitar, we are offering a 1 hour class, once a week to give you a 60 minute education on the art of buying a guitar.
  • Should you sign up for any of our add-on classes : Songwriting ; Performance Enhancement or Buying a Guitar -Please contact us for details and pricing.