About Us


Music – All of us have 30 years or more in the following areas:

Certified Instructors: Certified Guitar technicians, theory dissected and mastered, guitar instruction courses developed and used by Guitar-garage, paid Professional touring musicians for years throughout North America, recording engineers, Luthiers, Dads and moms. 



Our Langley Shop

  • We have an 1150 square foot custom built commercially heated and air conditioned Studio, Repair shop, Showroom.  
  • We are  equipped with a comfortable waiting for parents and offer free coffee, tea and soft drinks and 3 large video screens.
  • We have cameras and alarm systems to keep our guitars (and yours) safe.
  • We can build a guitar from scratch, and if needed strings, straps, pickups, switches, plus all the electronics you may need to make your guitar, your own. Please note: We are able to do this when free shop time is open.
  • We also will do custom repair and rebuild orders. 
  • We have found Langley was in  need of a professional one stop guitar shop. Yes, there are some very good technicians and guitar stores in Langley but no “all in one or “ONE STOP GUITAR SHOPS”  We are now in our 7th year in our Langley location and we still pump out quality repairs fast and done right.  People have come to rely on us for their repairs. 


We are not sales people. We have everything we need to everything needed and to do it well.


Musical Journeys:

We are very proud to say we have  all had the opportunity to play as touring professional guitarists, both with bands and solo careers. Some of us have been incredibly privileged to have played with members of these and many other very well know bands. Here are just a few of them:

  • Solo Recordings – Commitment, Too Late too Cry.
  • Doug and the Slugs – Too Bad
  • Sweeney Todd – Roxy Roller
  • Long John Baldry – Don’t Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll
  • Chad Allan – Shakin all over and many more! Most of us came from Vancouver way back when Prism was a grown from the Seeds of Time and ? Remember when Trooper was still “Apple Jack” we do.

We want you to make a good decision where you take your guitar and where you learn to play. If we have done that, we have done our job.